Do gorillas have a clitoris

Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. After all, research shows that stimulation of the clitoris is the main way women achieve orgasm. The normal histology of the skin. Further studies, to correlate the sexual behaviour of primates with the somatosensory innervation of the external genitalia, are needed to explain the differences in males and the similarities in females. Researchers used a combination of dissections and 3D scans to explore the female genitalia of dolphins in detail. This not only probably makes childbirth more difficult, it means that the male genital organ also had to adapt in order to achieve successful copulation.
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Do all primates have a clitoris ?Primarily chimps, and gorillas.?

This page exists for people who have problems seeing broadband flash videos, and for visitors from outside the UK. Namespaces Article Talk. Darwin proposed that either females choose particularly ornate males female choice , or alternatively, females accept the winner of fights among males male-male competition. Obstet Gynecol ; Is it an organ of pleasure for other animals as well?
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The human clitoris is an object of beauty, pleasure and intrigue

There are other known differences in clitoris anatomy across species too. Answer Questions Can a swarm of bees form geometric shapes? Both animals have extensive areas of erectile tissue that are larger than the clitoral hood. Female enjoyment of sex is typically associated with the human species. However, a cursory inspection of the distribution of chimpanzees and bonobos across Africa strongly suggests a role for the Congo River. The rhesus monkey does not have a ridged band of the prepuce, but does have a large number of corpuscular receptors of the glans penis.
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Elephants The sperm of an elephant is shorter than the sperm of a mouse. Ylon Tuxford, Burntwood, England Rats and rabbits certainly have clitorises. Why did these changes occur? Although advocates of mass circumcision hypothesise that the prepuce represents a design flaw, it is more likely that sexual selection has refined the external genitalia of each primate species for reproductive excellence. Do all primates have a clitoris? Several changes take place, including to the pelvis and to the spine, in order to support the weight of the internal organs. To make this even easier, human women have varying degrees of fat surrounding the mammary gland, extending and lowering the nipple even further and making it more adaptable in being able to reach the infant's mouth.
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